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Isuzu Diesel Generator Set

Stamford alternator etc (Optional);

Control Panel with Intelligent controller for automatic start / stop;

Base frame tank continue running for more than 12 hours;

Soundproof and Weather Proof;

Flexible pipes, flange, exhaust silencer for the silent generator;

Supply of New starting battery with cable and racks;

Automatic battery charger.

Suitable Rating breaker;

Complete Manual for the Diesel Generator, Engine, Alternator, Controller.

Wiring Diagram and Circuit Diagram for the Diesel Generator.

Soundproof and Weatherproof Canopy for the Diesel Generator. (Optional)

Optional Parts ATS, Trailer, Parallel Panel, Coolant Heater, Engine Oil Heater, etc.


Engines: Isuzu / YD

Alternators: Stamford Aternator Brand

Electronic & Manual Controls by DeepSea


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15 KVA - Isuzu Diesel Generator Set

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